Merlan E. Paaverud, Jr. Gallery

Esther or Hulda Diegel on a plow pulled by horses

“Women Behind the Plow” and “Recently Listed in the National Register,” are now open in the Merlan E. Paaverud, Jr. Gallery. They will be on exhibit through July 30.

“Women Behind the Plow” tells the stories of the German-Russian women who worked beside their spouses on the farm, or sometimes as a single parent, receiving little or no acknowledgement for their contributions. This exhibit was produced by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, a non-profit organization that preserves the German-Russian story of Logan, McIntosh, and Emmons counties.

“Recently Listed in the National Register” is an annual exhibit produced by the State Historical Society staff featuring photos of North Dakota places that were listed on the National Register of Historic Properties in 2016. Listings from past years are displayed on a media kiosk that is part of the exhibit.