Dakota Bison Symposium

Mark your calendar for the Dakota Bison Symposium, an event that will educate and inform attendees on the American Bison through presentations, conversations, film, art, tours, exhibits, music, dancing, and culinary art

This event is the fifth in a series of symposia led by the college to promote the arts, humanities, and history through major topics that shape our culture and heritage as a state and nation, promote mutual respect for diverse beliefs, and broaden our understanding of humanity.

We hope you join us for all three days:

June 23 ($65)- North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum
Our discussion will focus on the past, present, and future of the bison on the Great Plains. Breakfast, lunch, and reception appetizers are included. Virtual registration is available for June 23 only.

June 24 ($45)- Offsite; Tour
Step into the past as we tour significant bison historical sites in southwestern ND/northwestern SD. Transportation, lunch, light snacks, and dinner are included.

June 25 ($35)- North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum
Saturday will be an exploration of the indigenous cultural traditions, demonstrated by tribal members. Lunch will is included.

Graduate workshop credit will be available to educators that attend!

To learn more or to register for the Dakota Bison Symposium, visit bscdakotabison.com. Register for multiple days and save!

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