The State Museum at the newly expanded Heritage Center tells the stories of North Dakota from its earliest geologic formation to contemporary times.

The three permanent galleries are arranged chronologically, with tracks and prints in the floor and iconic objects in the hallway providing cues to time periods.

Skull cast of Tyrannosaurus rex

Adaptation Gallery: Geologic Time

The Adaptation Gallery: Geologic Time introduces you to the fascinating story of geology and life in North Dakota from 600 million years ago to the appearance of humans about 13,000 years ago. See impressive life-sized casts of a T. rex and Triceratops engaged in battle.

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 Man's moccasins, Dakota

Innovation Gallery: Early Peoples

The Innovation Gallery: Early Peoples is devoted to the Native peoples of North Dakota. This journey through time begins more than 13,000 years ago and continues through the 1860s. View over 1,000 artifacts highlighting the beauty and breadth of the State Museum’s outstanding collections and a large-scale cyclorama of Double Ditch Indian Village in 1550.

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Inspiration Gallery: Yesterday and Today car

Inspiration Gallery: Yesterday and Today

Explore North Dakota from 200 years ago to contemporary times in the Inspiration Gallery: Yesterday and Today. Exhibits showcase the state and its people through a variety of themes that continues to shape our history. Look inside a homestead shack, step inside a 1950s soda shop, and experience planting and harvesting in a modern tractor cab.

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Chocolate: The Exhibition logo

Governors Gallery

The Governors Gallery features temporary and traveling exhibits, bringing history from around the world to North Dakota.

The Governors Gallery is closed until Chocolate: The Exhibition opens on May 27.

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James E. Sperry Gallery, The Peak of Power exhibit

James E. Sperry Gallery

The James E. Sperry Gallery features exhibits created by the State Archives of North Dakota.

Now on display: The Peak of Power: The Nonpartisan League 100 Years Ago takes a look back at the political scene of the time. The exhibit will be on display through June 2017.

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