Settling In (500 B.C.-A.D. 1700)

Painting showing Naze houses, which look similar to tipis but are covered in bark

Groups of several families lived in open campsites, building hide, bark, and brush shelters. These larger communities experimented with new technologies and crafts. See the eventual transition from the atlatl to the use of the bow and arrow, the development of pottery, and the extensive trade network from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts.  

Examine trade items, pottery and the new technologies used at this time:

  • A reconstruction of a bark house based on archaeology along the James River
  • A wall-sized mural of a Woodland camp site
  • A variety of styles of pottery made post 500 B.C.  
  • Numerous trade artifacts of copper, obsidian, pipestone, and marine shells
  • Hunting strategies