New & Upcoming Exhibits

Fashion and Function North Dakota Style Logo animated with bright green and pink neon turning on. The background is dark blue a square pattern and spinning snowflakes

Fashion & Function: North Dakota Style

Explore how sophisticated styles, sensibilities, and snow coexist to shape North Dakotans’ wardrobes of yesterday and today.

Open in the Governors Gallery through November 2022

dinosaur walking on four legs with its tail outstretched

Dakota the Dinomummy

The State Historical Society of North Dakota and the North Dakota Geological Survey are partners in building a new exhibit for Dakota. As one of only a handful of mummified dinosaurs in the world, we're giving Dakota a place to shine.

Join us for the opening celebration on October 16!

men and horses outside an old post office building

The Prairie Post Office

Special delivery! This exhibit explores the role of small-town North Dakota post offices and the rural residents they serve, featuring photographs by Wayne Gudmundson, archival letters and images, a mail delivery wagon, and more.

Open in the Sperry Gallery through 2021