New & Upcoming Exhibits

A bison skull is inside a double outlined circle with diamond feathers at the top of the circle making them look like part of a sun. Under the icon it says On the Edge of the Wind: Native Storytellers & the Land.

On the Edge of the Wind: Native Storytellers & the Land

Produced by the North Dakota Council on the Arts in association with the State Historical Society, this exhibit explores the connections between cultural practices, regional landscapes, and tribal oral narratives.

Open in the Governors Gallery

an exhibit showcasing the artworks of Pieper Bloomquist

Fantastical Flourishes: The Folk Art of Pieper Bloomquist

Drawing on the imagery of folk art, Pieper Bloomquist renders a fanciful modern world using traditional materials such as linen/jute canvas, homemade gesso primer (made of eggs, flour, chalk, and sometimes animal glue), and egg tempera paint.

Open in the Red River Hall