New & Upcoming Exhibits

Smiling man wearing Zap ND or Bust shirt shakes hands with two smiling young men. Another man stands to the side.

Zip to Zap: 50 Years Ago

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of "Zip to Zap." A small exhibit showcasing items and images from the event will be featured.

Now open in the Corridor of History through May 2019

kiosk sitting in front of a window looking out to a green yard and trees and a boxcar

French Gratitude Train

This electronic exhibit shows examples of everyday life, childhood, historic treasures, and personal momentos of the French civilian population that endured World War II.

Now open in the Hall of Honors

Clay horse.

Small Things Considered

This exhibit showcases 14 magnified photos of small artifacts from our archaeological collections. If displayed in a large exhibit case, they might get overlooked. But here, magnified many times their actual size, they get the spotlight they deserve.

Now open in the Merlan E. Paaverud, Jr. Gallery.