New & Upcoming Exhibits

A bison skull is inside a double outlined circle with diamond feathers at the top of the circle making them look like part of a sun. Under the icon it says On the Edge of the Wind: Native Storytellers & the Land.

On the Edge of the Wind: Native Storytellers & the Land

Produced by the North Dakota Council on the Arts in association with the State Historical Society, this exhibit explores the connections between cultural practices, regional landscapes, and tribal oral narratives.

Opening April 27 in the Governors Gallery

A painting of a dark colored horse with person riding it that are very small on the right side of the painting. The landscape is tan with a little bit of green and yellow and hills in the background with purple peaks. There are purple clouds in a blue sky that's darker at the top and lighter towards the horizon.

All is Grass and Clouds, Forever

This exhibit will feature illustrations by author and artist S.D. Nelson.

Open in the Red River Hall

dinosaur walking on four legs with its tail outstretched

Dakota the Dinomummy

The State Historical Society of North Dakota and the North Dakota Geological Survey are partners in building a new exhibit for Dakota. As one of only a handful of mummified dinosaurs in the world, we're giving Dakota a place to shine.